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Founded over 20 years ago by a team based in Beverly Hills, our company has worked with numerous clients and honed the skills to bring your dream remodel to life. From ground-up ADUs and garage conversions to home gyms and studio transformations, we offer it all. Our team of experts will guide you through the budgeting, permit, and blueprint process.

Ground up and Conversions

ADUs offer homeowners versatile spaces, whether built from the ground up or converted from existing structures like garages and attics. They can serve as guest houses, rental units, or extra workspaces, providing both passive income and increased property value. Beverly Hills ADU specializes in designing and building these spaces to perfectly match your vision and needs.

Enertainment Areas
Home studios, gyms, theaters, etc.

Dreaming of the perfect home gym or a luxury movie theater in the comfort of your own home? Beverly Hills ADU has you covered. Our expert team will work with you to design and create the ultimate entertainment space, perfectly tailored to your vision.

Backyard Remodels
Pool Decks & Barbeque Areas

Transforming your backyard into a personal oasis enhances your outdoor living experience. Pool decks, barbecue areas, and fire pits create functional and inviting spaces for relaxation and entertainment. Beverly Hills ADU specializes in backyard remodels, crafting environments where you can host parties, cookouts, or have a unique space to lounge.

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Proven Excellence

Our extensive experience and proven success in ADU construction showcase our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Projects Completed
Satisfied Clients
Years of Experience
Our Mission
Proven Excellence

We’re local to Beverly Hills, which means we use high-quality materials while employing environmentally sustainable practices. At Beverly Hills ADU, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of local regulations, permits, and environmentally conscious practices. Collaboration is central to everything we do. We communicate effectively and establish long-lasting partnerships with all our clients.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, ensuring that every project exceeds your expectations. We are committed to providing consistent, reliable service through meticulous attention to detail and a client-focused approach.

Why Choose Us?
Proven Excellence

We are fully licenseced, and meet all local requirements. When you choose Beverly Hills ADU, you're partnering with a team that truly cares about your project. We bring a blend of expertise, sustainability, and personalized service to ensure everything goes smoothly and exceeds your expectations.

  • High Expertise
  • Eco-Friendly Practices
  • Transparent Communication

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer any questions you may have. Beverly Hills ADU offers free estimates and guidance from our construction professionals.


What is an ADU?

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are standalone living spaces found on the same property as the primary house. They usually include a private entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and one or more bedrooms, offering complete and separate living accommodations.


What permits are needed in Beverly Hills?

From square footage to parking, building an ADU in Beverly Hills involves navigating various regulations and permits. Our team of experts will assist in the entire permitting process, ensuring compliance with all state and local regulations to guarantee the project's quality.


How long does building take?

Beverly Hills ADU sets realistic timeline goals tailored to your specific plans. We follow a meticulous process, thoroughly examining the scope of each project. Our team will evaluate all aspects of your construction plans before providing a timeline estimate.


What are the benefits?

Depending on the type of project, homeowners can enjoy various benefits. ADUs provide both passive income and increased property value, while entertainment areas and backyard remodels also enhance property value. These projects can improve your quality of life by creating more enjoyable living spaces.

Creative Portfolio

We build our clients their dream ADUs, entertainment areas and backyards. Take a look at our most recent work:

All ADUs Entertainment Backyard

Embarking on a construction project can be overwhelming for homeowners due to the extensive planning involved. Beverly Hills ADU is here to alleviate that stress by providing hands-on support before and after construction. Our team partners with you to design the blueprint and collaborates closely to bring your ideal space to life.


Our team consists of local experts well-versed in all regulations and permits. Partnering with us means you'll receive expert guidance through the permit process, ensuring a timely completion of any project.


With a focus on environmentally friendly construction methods, our team is committed to sustainability. Partnering with us allows you to take advantage of our knowledge in green building techniques. We ensure that your project is both ecologically responsible and done with high quality materials.

What Clients Say

We value our clients and keep open communication, creating life-long partnerships.

ADU Types

Choose the perfect ADU tailored to your needs.


    Convert your garage/basement into a fully functional living space, perfect for renting out or using for family. This transformation makes the most of unused space, boosting your property’s value and usability without changing the look of your home’s exterior.


    An attic conversion transforms your unused attic into a self-contained living unit. Complete with all the essential amenities and designed beautifully. It provides additional living space or a valuable rental opportunity without expanding your home's existing footprint.

SB9 Lot Split

    Homeowners in California are permitted by SB9 to divide their single-family lot into up to four dwelling units. This rule complies with local zoning and space regulations while optimizing land use, increasing housing supply, and generating potential income opportunities.


    Detached ADUs are independent living units separate from the main single-family home or multi-family building. They can serve as guest houses or rental properties.
    Attached ADUs are additions made to a single-family home that already exists.

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